Monday, May 4, 2015

8:52 AM 5/4/2015

Lee Horton, Marketplace Mission Learning Center's four year Art teacher, loaned me a copy of the movie,  "Julie & Julia" which I watched yesterday afternoon.  Meryl Streep as Julia Child and Amy Adams as Julie Powell give outstanding performances in this story by Nora Ephron. The mission the frustrated office worker, Julie Powell, sets for herself is to make all 524 recipes found in Julia Child's cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking in one year and blog about the experience. The movie parallels Julia Child's struggles to learn French cooking and to write and publish the famous cookbook with Julie Powell's struggles to make all 524 recipes in one year and blog about the experience.

How do you help students come to see life as a set of missions?  How do you help students come to see the power of the mission engine in your life and how life changing setting missions can be?  This movie may be a first step.

Mission and vision statements differ.  Mission statements are written in the present tense, define a purpose and set primary objectives. They are short, clear and powerful. A vision statement defines your purpose but focuses on goals and aspirations in uplifting and inspiring ways. A vision statement may be the same throughout a lifetime.  Julie Powell set a mission statement that defined a task - make the 524 recipes and blog about the experience and defined a time frame to complete the task. What emerged from the experience was that Julie Powell began to develop a life changing vision for her life.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Are you thinking about pulling your child out of public school?

More than 150,000 people have read Lynne Rigby's letter addressed to Florida Governor Rick Scott and the the Seminole County school officials.  If you are questioning your child's education, please read this letter.  A mother of five children aged 4 to 16, a college graduate and a kindergarten teacher, Lynne Rigby discovered the profound disconnect between success in the classroom (A's and B's), success with homework, never struggling and a low score on the Discovery Education tests. Her happy, third grade son was now suddenly pulled out of his third grade class and sent to remedial programs because of his test scores. The disconnect is the validity of the test and the test's connection to the curriculum.  Now the elephant enters the room - Common Core.  Won't it be wonderful argue some politicians, some college professors and test and teaching material producers if all students in the United States in the same grade are on the same page learning the same material every school day.  Workbooks and worksheets day after day dedicated to grinding out some myth of accountability measured by tests. 
A documented study concluded that if state and national testing were eliminated, some school districts could add 20 to 40 minutes of instruction each school day and in more competitive school districts students could gain an entire class period of instruction each school day.  Additionally, school districts would have $100 per test taker to purchase other services and goods to improve student learning. See Problems With Standardized Testing from for more information.   

Marketplace Mission Learning Center (MMLC) offers a one room classroom for seven students with the teacher of the online course work in the classroom.  MMLC offers parents who wish to homeschool access to 180 courses for grades 3-12.  Instruction on using the course work and support are a text or phone call away. With 40 years of teaching over 5,500 students, Mr. Hill is available to address your education questions and concerns.  

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bread Sale Report

Bread Sale Report for Winterberry Christian Academy

Bread Sale Report For 2/6/11
Note:  64 loaves baked on Saturday, 2/5/11 - 20 loaves donated to Heather Francis for Well Drilling Fund Raiser -  at Wesley United Methodist Church on Marco Island.
43 Loaves for sale
38 loaves sold
3 given away
2 given as muffins in the Well
(10 loaves donated 2/6/11 to St. Matthew's House for a $50.00 donation)
$220.00 minus $66.00 (30% donated to Well Drilling Fund Raiser of Heather Francis as per Pastor Aaron's permission for 5 weeks of bread sales)
$154.00 for Bread Sale
$100.00 special donation to Winterberry Christian Academy
$254.00 total for 2/6/11 for WCA

12/5/10             $81.00       (11 of 19 loaves sold)
12/12/10           $86.00       (15 of 19 loaves sold)
12/19/10           $105.00     (13 of 18 loaves sold)
1/2/11               $115.00     (19 of 19 loaves sold)
1/9/11               $115.00     (16 or 25 loaves sold)
1/16/11             $200.00     (29 of 45 loaves sold)
1/23/11             $165.00     (28 of 40 loaves sold)
1/30/11             $252.00     (36 of 48 loaves sold)
2/6/11               $154.00     (38 or 43 loaves sold)
2/6/11               $100.00     Special Donation

Total to Date     $1,373.00  (167 of 233 loaves sold)